First responders decry exclusion from 9/11 ceremony –

First responders decry exclusion from 9/11 ceremony –

Maybe the 9/11 flashbacks the Washington area had, myself included, when the earthquake hit Tuesday has my nerves a bit more on edge than they would be otherwise.  Maybe the fact that I have First Responders in my list of family and friends has me a bit more annoyed at this than I would be otherwise.  Or maybe it’s the plain, simple fact that I’m a patriotic American and can’t imagine this happening to people that, while lucky enough not to have given their lives on that fateful day, responded in the same way and without a thought to their own personal safety just like the 343 First Responders who never returned.

I understand “space constraints” or whatever Bloomberg is using as an excuse to not allow these brave men and women to attend the 10th anniversary memorial to an event that stunned America like no event has since Pearl Harbor.  Bloomberg even makes a comment to the effect First Responders weren’t invited to the last nine memorials, either.  Yet they were allowed to attend, and they did.  This year, they are specifically being EXCLUDED from appearing.  WHAT?

So basically what Bloomberg is saying is that, “while we expect you to risk and, when necessary, give your lives when needed by the City of New York, we don’t want to be reminded of that sacrifice when it would be too inconvenient for us.”

Who voted this guy in?



  1. I love your commentary…..It is very sad that the firefighters can not be there with the families that so much appreciate them….They have ALL suffered loss. And it would only be appropriate to have them all there together mourning their losses……

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