So the day after Irene stormed her way up the East Coast, the water was so tranquil and the temperature was so mild, I could not help but go out and enjoy it.  I hiked all the way around the lake near my house and saw a beautiful photo opportunity.  Not bad for a cell phone shot!

But before I could enjoy this idyllic scene, I had to survive one heck of a week.  First, the area was rocked by an earthquake, the size of which hasn’t been felt here since 1897.  To be fair, there was very little damage and injury, especially in comparison with many other natural disasters that have been in the national headlines lately.  But for the EAST coast, the quake was extremely unexpected.

After enduring a few days of aftershocks and waking up to find doors open that weren’t open the night before, books knocked over, and completely freaked-out cats, things seemed to be getting back to normal.  Then The Weather Channel starts issuing dire warnings to batten down the hatches because a lethal hurricane is on the way.

Wonderful.  So the day before Irene was set to hit this town, I did all the stuff responsible, prepared people do who normally get hit by storms of one natural disaster sort or another.  Made sure I had food, pet supplies, a full tank of gas, first-aid kit, go-bag, and more OCD-type things.  I did stop short of nailing plywood boards over my windows.  Although there were a few times I had second thoughts on that decision!

Saturday came and went and we got socked by some nasty winds and constant, heavy, even torrential rainfall.  A few trees made me nervous because they appeared to be moving more than they should, but the only ones that fell over were nowhere near the cars in the parkiing lot or my building.  At first, I felt like I’d overreacted.  I did not leave the house at all on Saturday due to the rain and the dire warnings.  When it was all said and done, I probably could have gotten out to do what I needed to do as long as I drove slow and stayed on surface streets.  But I chose not to take any chances.

So I had some SERIOUS cabin fever when Sunday came around.  I’d gone to sleep in the wee hours of Sunday morning when it was still raining-steadily but not torrential-and rolled out of bed a few hors later.  I felt like a kid on Christmas morning when I walked out of the room into BRIGHT SUNSHINE!  Even better, the forecast called for temperatures in the mid-80s, with gusty winds.  YAY!  So I spent the entire day running around, taking care of errands I couldn’t do Saturday, and when I was finished with that, I came home, parked the car, and took off on foot.  Even though it’d only been ONE DAY that I couldn’t enjoy the outdoors, it felt like I’d been given a reprieve from a lifetime prison sentence!

The great thing is that I got out and enjoyed the sun, the wind, the beauty of nature.  The bad thing is that it took a hurricane to get me to the point where I had such love and appreciation for life!


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