Girl Power?

I pride myself on being flexible, able to think on my feet, and able to solve unexpected problems.  For the most part, I can say I’ve had success in these endeavors.  That’s NOT to say I seek out these situations or enjoy when they crop up.

Because I’ve got precious little to fall back on, I do as much as possible in PREPARATION to avoid unexpected problems.  But MURPHY…I can outrun him for so long, but he always makes a surprise move that I can’t always counter.  Like someone I know always says, if I could read the OTHER side of the cards, I wouldn’t be working for a living.

That being said, today was one of those days that I wish I could call “Do-Over!” like in junior high kickball.  It started when I got up this morning and found my coffee maker did not turn on like it’s set to.  Apparently, the power flickered off again last night, which turned the timer off on the coffee maker.  Ok, small issue, no worries, turn the coffee maker on and go about my day.  The only problem is it cost me two precious minutes that I would have used to get on the road and head into the office.  Again, minor issue, but now the minor issues are beginning to pile up.

Well, a few minutes later, I realized the little red car in front of me was driving Miss Daisy.  This WOULD have been a minor issue, if not for the fact we were on a two-lane road with a double yellow line.  So I was stuck behind Miss Daisy.  To my chagrin, the car turned onto the same road I needed to travel at the first stop sign.  This would not have been a problem, either, if Daisy didn’t ALSO turn onto the NEXT road on my route.  So I resigned myself to getting to work 10 minutes later than normal.  To my horror, Daisy SLOWED DOWN even MORE coming up to a big hill.  A small little Daisy car wouldn’t have so much trouble climbing this hill at 20 miles per hour.  A rather large SUV, however, like my vehicle, needs a little bit of SPEED to climb the hill.  So, since that was obviously not an option, I had to downshift to get over the hill.

Fast forward to this afternoon.  I had a relatively quick workday, and got some good news while there, which resulted in the necessity to make a few phone calls as soon as I got home.  I went to my SUV in the parking lot walking on air, opened the door, and put the key into the ignition.  Uh-oh.  First, I heard a few clicks, then a god-awful grinding noise that scared the bejeesus out of me!  I hadn’t had a battery go dead on this vehicle EVER and was quite unaccustomed to the situation, not to mention completely blown away by that NOISE!  Luckily, a nice guy saw my predicament and came to offer assistance.  BUT only if I had jumper cables.  Which I did.  Thanks to my OCD.  Well, not really OCD, but an OCD-suggestive personality.  So the car started, we unhooked the cars, and I headed home-while grabbing my new GPS and looking up “auto repair shops” in the vicinity.  To my GREAT surprise, not only did the GPS show me a branch of my preferred auto repair shop really close by, it also gave me the shop’s phone number.  I screamed something inappropriate about what part of my body MURPHY could kiss.  I called the shop and arranged for a mechanic to look at my vehicle as soon as I arrived.  Thankfully, the issue was simply a battery.  Everything else worked just fine, the battery came with a great warranty, and $142 later, I drove out of the shop and home.

While waiting for the battery change, I made the phone calls from my cell phone in the shop’s waiting room, took care of business, and continued on my way without skipping a beat.

OCD notwithstanding, I took my ignition key out to the SUV about 10 minutes ago to make sure it would start.  YES!  So now, I can go to sleep without worrying about car troubles.

Is it OCD?  Is it a controlling personality?  Is it paranoia?  Take your pick.  Either way, I can sleep tonight knowing I got thrown a nasty curve ball, and not only did I hit it, I blasted the thing out left field!  And I gave MURPHY the slip once again!



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