“Dreaming permits each and every one of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.” William Dement

“THAT’S a relief!  I was worried that I was insane every night for no apparent reason.” – Cheryl Wolfe

How does my brain interpret one’s thoughts, feelings, and actions into the symbols that it replays in my dreams?  I understand the human brain is so complicated, especially the subconscious brain, that psychology has barely been able to scratch the surface.  Still, it seems hard to believe everyone who dreams the same “symbol” has the same thoughts or feelings that sparked the dream.

Case in point: Colors in dreams are unique symbols, but depending on which “interpretation” used, can mean many different things.  An online dream symbol index, http://en.mimi.hu/dreams/blue.html, has these very different meanings for dreaming of the color blue:

“You are too keyed up and need calmness.  You feel sad or depressed.”

The SAME online index also posted the following meaning for dreaming of the color blue:

” This dream denotes a great source of inner peace and a symbol of contentment. “

So…depending on what you want your dream to mean, you can go pick out whatever “interpretation” you want?  How is that helpful?

I’m probably wrong; after all, I don’t have the psychological background, training, degrees, and experience.  Read for yourself!



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