Cat’s-Eye View of 9/11

Meow.  Oh, right, talking to humans.  Need to use human language.  I’ve taken over Mom’s blog for today because I have something to say.  She’s busy, anyway, so she doesn’t mind.

All over TV today, and for at least the past week, there have been “tributes to 9/11” and memorials and prayers and tears and all other human emotions about that horrible day. Unlike a lot of felines, I can say that I saw it, too.  I was barely a year old at the time, but in a cat’s life, that’s adult.  So not only did I see it on CNN, I remember it.  I remember Mom running to the television when a CNN reporter broke in with news…or interrupted with news that was breaking?  Something like that.  I don’t pay that much attention to those things.

What I did pay attention to was Mom.  She was confused.  I didn’t know why because all I saw on the TV was the same kinds of things that are always on news channels.  Airplanes and things exploding.  But then Mom got completely silent and she didn’t move.  She had her jaw open and I thought she was trying to catch a bird.  Did I mention I’m a cat?  Well, when I got over that first reaction, I could feel something had changed.  I distinctly remember my whiskers picked up the sudden drop in air pressure…like someone took all the air out of balloon.

Mom tried to explain it to me at the time, but all I understood was she was really upset.  And the CNN broken news kept showing things exploding and people crying.  Then I realized why Mom was so upset.  The broken news was showing exploding things and airplanes crashing, but not from the other parts of the world where things like that are much more common.  The bad things were happening in our own country.  That’s why Mom was so upset.

For the next week or so, my brother and I (he’s a cat, too) did everything we could to make Mom feel better.  No matter how much we batted at her feet, rubbed up against her legs, or purred on her, she was always either crying or looking like she was going to.  What’s a cat to do?  Well, we did the only thing we knew how to do, and that was to love her.  We found out something that made her smile, besides the purring.  She’s always buying us toys that smell really good and make us act all funny.  Well, we found out that by bringing her one of these toys, and dropping it at her feet, we would make her smile and pet us.  I don’t know if that smelly stuff had the same effect on her, but at least it made her smile.  I still do that every night  just to let her know I love her.  And she still smiles and pets me!

Well, this past couple weeks have been hard on her again.  When that broken news comes on and shows pictures from that day 10 years ago, she gets really sad again.  I heard her talking to one of her friends; she said that no matter what “those people” try to do, she refuses to let them win.  I don’t know what that means, exactly, but I think it’s a good thing.  Because she smiled again after she said it!

I hope everybody can smile like that as they remember what happened that day.

I’ll let Mom have her computer back!

Machiavelli, The Cat




  1. You are brilliant, magnificent & beautiful – what a heartfelt and unique way to express what and how you felt then – and now.

  2. Thank you so much for your kind words, Rich! I wanted to write something, but the whole idea just depressed me to no end. I was talking on the phone and looked over and Mac walked in and gave me this intense stare. I wondered what he was thinking. And THAT is when it clicked. Weird where we get inspiration, huh?

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