The Glades

The Glades
Episode Still

The only problem with this show is that it’s aired on A&E.  I never watch A&E!  The only reason I even thought of this show is that a commercial was lucky enough to elude my fast-forwarding action while watching a previously recorded show.  (I still don’t know how that happened!  I HATE live TV and take great pains to avoid watching anything live;  I DVR everything and go watch the shows later.)

Be that as it may, a commercial slipped through my commercial censorship one day.  Cop shows are very common and have been done to death, so it takes something pretty intriguing to get me to take notice.  With CSI (the original, set in Vegas) getting cheesier and cheesier every season after they got rid of Warrick and Grissom, I haven’t had much interest in cop shows recently.  Something about the commercial I saw, however, made me laugh.  That’s always a good start when trying to get me interested in something!

So I decided to DVR and episode or two.  The show’s premise is an ex-Chicago homicide detective has a “disagreement” with his Chicago boss and heads to Florida to try his hand at the biz while kicking back and working on his golf game.  Well, it wouldn’t be a good show if things were as simple as that, so needless to say, a wrench got thrown into his plans.

Wouldn’t you know it, I became interested?  And the season promptly ended after I’d seen about 4 episodes.  Ah, well, that’s what alternatives are for, like Netflix or the A&E website, which features full-length episodes.  (Reader beware: the website also makes you watch commercials-no fast-forwarding allowed!)  At this point, I became enamoured.

A couple of the highlights that make me enjoy the show so much:

Jim Longworth, the main character homicide detective:

  • From Chicago.  That’s always a great thing to see for a Cub fan. such as myself.
  • Self-deprecating.  Longworth isn’t ashamed to admit that his golf game is wanting or that he’s made mistakes in life.  The kicker to this, though, is that he uses humor, most of the time deadpan humor, to make his point.  Case in point: He lands a case involving a murder by golf club and the body was found on a golf course (go figure).  Trying to convince his companions to search the nearby cattails for the club, he casually states, “I have a lot of experience searching for golf clubs that have been thrown into the reeds out of frustration.”  Nice!
  • History of job issues which forced his relocation.  I believe such a thing has happened to the vast majority of people in the workforce today, myself included.  At least my circumstances did not involve an angry boss who thought I slept with his significant other and who ended up shooting me in the derriere!

Carlos Sanchez, the medical examiner and unwilling partner to Longworth the majority of the time:

  • Humorous. Case in point: A colleague asks for forgiveness for an outburst she made the previous day.  Sanchez responds, “Are you kidding?  I live in a house full of Latinas.  You can’t compare.”  Or something similar.  My memory isn’t completely photographic….
  • Metro-sexual.  He’s not afraid to admit he goes to a day spa or spends the day shopping with wife and daughters.  That cracks me up to no end!
  • Allergic to Longworth.  Well, he acts like it.  Yes, he gives Longworth hell every time he’s called out to a crime scene with him.  But he portrays a man who would have a huge chasm in his life if Longworth were to leave.  It’s like  your little brother who you claim is a major pain in your backside but for whom you’d give your life.

A few things I’m not that thrilled about with the show:

  • Callie, the nurse who plays Longworth’s love interest.
  • Yes, she helps him with cases and portrays vulnerability and such.  She’s a nurse who portrays the strong desire to help her fellow Floridians, as medical personnel should. That’s all fine.
  • Married to a criminal in prison.  Raising a son on her own as a result.  Ok, the prison connection-not so convincing when working with law enforcement.  I realize the writers needed a more original twist to the love triangle storyline, but…I don’t like it.  Just hits me the wrong way.
  • It takes meeting Longworth and developing a relationship with him for Callie to pursue a divorce with convict-hubby.  While I agree that people should not remain in marriages in which they’re unhappy, I don’t think another love interest should be the catalyst for such a proceeding.  I’ve always been of the mind that if you’re unhappy in a relationship, end it before you begin another one.  Not just that, but the message the show is sending with this subplot in general is negative.  I realize the show is aired late at night for such reasons, and I enjoy the show otherwise.  But if I were to give my input (Hey, that’s what blogs are for…maybe I should write one?), I’d do things differently.

Bottom line: I love the show, even with it’s quirks.  Impatiently waiting for Season 3 to air!



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