Near-Deer Experience

So I thought I had writer’s block when I woke up this morning and couldn’t come up with a topic for today’s post.  Then I left for work at O-Dark:30 and got inspiration REAL quickly.

Things started out fine as I drove my normal route to work, through stoplights and around corners.  I got to the road with lots of curves, hills, and valleys, and continued to drive as usual.  This particular road is somewhat isolated, with nothing but residential housing or just trees on both sides of the road.  The houses are set far off from the road, and the trees border the road.  There are many places where the two lanes of road, one in each direction, are so narrowed because the trees butt up against the road that a large vehicle is in danger of hitting them.  There are no streetlights, either, so the only light provided this morning was the light from my headlights.  Which is why I was taken COMPLETELY off guard when an adult deer STREAKED out of the tree line and BOLTED right in FRONT of me.  I have an SUV, which is a bit better equipped to protect me should I get into a head-on collision with suicidal wildlife, which was a comforting thought.  Well, not really, because all I could think of was, “OH, SH–” uh…let’s not finish that sentence…

So I did the only thing I could: I slammed on the brakes and hoped to hell the driver in the car behind me wasn’t texting, fiddling with the radio, or taking a sip of hot Starbucks.  And tried to remember if I had the phone number to my car insurance company programmed into my cell phone.

To my utter AMAZEMENT, the brakes did not lock up, the anti-lock brake system engaged, and the SUV came to a screeching halt–mere INCHES from the massive animal in front of me.  I think the deer, to its credit, sensed danger and flew to the other side of the road without stopping.  At least there was no “deer in the headlights” moment.  If the deer had stopped, there would have been a collision, no doubt about it.  I believe the momentum of the deer hauling deer-butt across the road, combined with the excellent brakes on my SUV, avoided the crash.  I have never been so happy that I (very recently) spent the better part of a paycheck getting a complete brake job on my vehicle as I was this morning.

The car behind me, to its credit, stopped in time.  And kept a healthy distance back from me for the rest of the time we were on that road.  HAHA!

Writer’s block: gone.  Deer: saved.  SUV: undamaged.

Getting out of danger by the skin of my teeth: priceless.


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