WIRED Magazine: Doorbell of the Future

Found: Doorbell of the Future | Magazine.

THIS is a great idea!  Although all technology can be easily usurped by a determined telemarketer or door-to-door evangelist, the idea is excellent.  It would be convenient to be able to authorize FedEx to leave your package at the door without a human signatory.  I have to think there’s an easier way to do that, but with FedEx’s autocratic policies, I don’t know that anything short of science fiction will have an effect.  Maybe an added feature to this futuristic doorbell would be something intimidating enough to convince the FedEx delivery person to leave the package in the absence of a human custodian with whom to leave it.  When signed letters from the intended recipient authorizing the FedEx delivery person to leave the package at the door don’t work, maybe a pack of rabid dogs would be more convincing?  Some combination of holographic images and surround-sound, ended with the message, “Put the package down and take two steps back….then just keep going to your truck and LEAVE!” would work?  I’m sure the genius gurus behind the stories on Wired could think of something.

Door-to-door salesmen are, thankfully, not as prevalent as in decades past, but occasionally one gets ambitious and shows up at my doorstep.  When polite rebuffs and firm “no thank yous” don’t work, I’m severely disappointed that I answered the door in the first place.  I think an even better alteration to the doorbell described in Wired would be an automatic power washer or fire hose.  When nice rebuffs don’t work to get rid of undesired solicitors, a touch of a button would cause a small door to open and a massive blast of high-pressure water (or other liquid of your choice) to blast said solicitor off your property.

Mobile evangelists are a unique breed of solicitor who require a more convincing method of disbursement.  I could let me science fiction/paranormal brain run wild and come up with some creative disbursement methods.  I think I will watch a few more horror movies first and then generate some ideas.


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