Official Stargate Website: Movie: Stargate: The Ark of Truth

Official Stargate Website: Movie: Stargate: The Ark of Truth.

I wish all the good television series’ I loved, when canceled abruptly or unexpectedly, made a movie to wrap up the details so nicely.  Stargate SG-1, with a running of ten years, hooked fans first with the continuation of the movie made famous with Kurt Russell and James Spader.  I have to admit, though, the movie didn’t hook me like it did many others.  It reminded me too much of Doom, which I really didn’t like.  Regardless, though, the idea and storyline of the movie is what passed onto the series SG-1.

Add Richard Dean Anderson, Amanda Tapping, and Michael Shanks, and you’re onto something.

As the series ran on, many great actors appeared, some in short-lived roles and some not.  The character development became much more appealing the further the series went, and their backstories turned into something I could identify with.

Toward the end, the stars from SG-1 “introduced” Stargate fans to the new characters in Stargate Atlantis, the series that took over when SG-1 was cancelled.  I can’t say I was all that thrilled with Atlantis at first, especially since it took the place of my beloved SG-1, but I watched a few episodes and decided to give it a chance.

That did not assuage my ire over SG-1 ending, though.  Imagine my total glee when rumors began surfacing of a movie the SG-1 crew was working on that would be the swan song of the series.  EXCELLENT!

I will save the full movie critique for another post because it’s late and I have to get this post posted before midnight to keep up with the “post a day” challenge.



  1. What I love about the SciFi, I mean SyFy channel is also what I hate about them. I liked the Ark but I think Continuum was a far better movie. It is great to find another StarGate lover.

    1. Thank you, Tom, for letting me know I’m not the only Stargate fan on WordPress! I have both Continuum and Ark of Truth and find great merit to both movies. Continuum was not the end of the series movie, though, if I remember correctly. It was more of a link between the end of the next-to-last season and the final season. It did a great job of it, too. I think I got a bit annoyed when the ship was trapped in hyperspace and it got a bit monotonous. But you are correct, Continuum was a very well-done movie. If I were the editor, I think I would have cut a lot of length off that piece of it!

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