Answers in Your Dreams: Scientific American

“It came to me in a dream!” is not just a punchline in a George Carlin comedy routine. 

Or so says this article.  How often have you been struggling with a problem or an issue that required a creative solution and one morning you woke up with, if not the outright answer, a method to GET the right answer?  I have.  I thought it was just because I’m left-handed and our right brains are the creative hemispheres.  That may still have something to do with it, but according to SciAm, it’s not the only reason.  I did get personal satisfaction from this article, since I have always believed dreams are your brain’s why of running your conscious thoughts through a metaphorical blender and spitting out the psychedelic results when you’re in no position to do anything about it.  Some poignant quotes from the article:

The act of dreaming is simply thinking about our usual concerns in a different state of consciousness.

Metaphorical blender.  Check.  

Dreams can be especially helpful for problems that require creativity or visualization to solve.

Puree setting on metaphorical blender.  Check.

By thinking about specific dilemmas before bed, we can increase our chances that we will dream a solution.

Savory items inserted into the metaphorical blender set on puree.  Check.

via Answers in Your Dreams: Scientific American.



  1. On that subject (BTW: I’ve actually done some ‘dream programming’ – It can work…) sending you an email soon about the ‘dreams’ issue – need a bit more data. . .

  2. Ah, thought you’d forgotten the dream issue! Thanks, I will ait.

    btw, what’s “dream programming?” Other than trying to think about a specific idea before you go to sleep in the hopes that you’ll dream a solution to whatever it is…which I’m not convinced about one iota….

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