The Poet’s Curse

If only I could command this kind of respect…

In ancient Ireland,  the poet enjoyed high status.  People aspired for the poet’s praise, and it was believed that a curse from a poet was a terrible fate.  The book, “Celtic Myths and Legends” by Peter Ellis, details entries in Irish Annals, one of which is from Ulster in the year AD 1024 which details the murder of  Cuan Ua Lothchain, the chief poet of Ireland.  Lothchain was murdered in Theba and uttered the poet’s curse in his dying breath.  The bodies of his murderers rotted within hours.  Granted, I would rather not have to die to prove my power, but…

Other poet’s curses in Ireland are recorded in Irish Annals, to include the Annals of Connacht which references the English viceroy John Stanley who died from a poet’s curse in 1414.   The poet’s curse was so feared that High Kings would promise the poet anything in order to avoid the curse.

Hmmm…methinks I should brush up on the poet’s curse in literature and see how I could use the “suggestion of” one to win friends and influence people…



  1. You have no idea of your true potential – of what you’re going to acccomplish – of how your talents are going to blossom and grow – I do; that’s why I take the time and show the support; honest caring and interest. So: follow what you posted: Write from your heart. Write from your soul. Make the -best- of your talent. And don’t ever let it go. Not for -anything-….

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