Hallowe’en Costume Change

So I went to the Hallowe’en store intending to get a long, blonde wig for the Juliet costume I bought for a steal on a recent trip.  I really liked the costume, and it was appropriate to wear to work.  I could also layer clothes underneath it for a really cold day, which Hallowe’en is supposed to be.  However, I recently had a falling out with my Romeo and really didn’t feel much like Juliet.  When I went into the store, still seeking out that wig, I wasn’t able to find something just right.  So I started browsing the other things the store had in stock.  There were a few things that really caught my eye, like the vampire hunter outfit.  Only problem with that, it was short.  Not much room to wear warm clothes under that.  But I still might grab it if it’s still there after Hallowe’en and they have huge markdowns.  Always good to have a good costume at the ready for future plans.  I did NOT want something sappy like Snow White (Yes, they make that costume in adult sizes.  I thought by the time we reached adulthood, we knew such fairy tales were pure fiction and the stuff of children?  But I digress…) or something Steven King-worthy like some hideous monster.  Although I was feeling a bit like slashing something.  Digression again, sorry.

I happened upon a costume that flowed to the floor, had pretty decent texture and thickness to provide some protection against the elements.  Sadly, it was not really work-appropriate.  It had a neckline that just plunged too far.  I could just imaging the comments I’d get from the higher-ups at work.  That costume, Athena, Goddess of War, was perfect to my mood.  By sheer luck, behind the Athena costume was a different one that would probably work.  The costume label just said, “Greek Goddess.”  It had a long, flowing, white gown, complete with metal-looking clasps at both shoulders and a headpiece of gold-looking leaves.  Very Greek-looking.  There were pearl-like strands draping the low neckline and sheer gauze panels falling down in the back, attached to the shoulder clasps.  A bit classy-looking.  Well, as classy as a Hallowe’en costume can be.  Crap.  The neckline was still a bit low.

So I made an executive decision.  Screw it.  I’d wear it, anyway.  It WAS Hallowe’en, after all.  And it wasn’t like it was trashy-looking or anything.  Besides that, I’d just been invited to a Hallowe’en party.  A Greek goddess would be SO much more interesting than Juliet.  So now to figure out which Greek goddess I could pull off.  I suppose I could still do Athena, but I didn’t want to spend the extra money on a shield and sword and weird winged shoes.  Aphrodite, Goddess of Love?  Yeah, no.  That’d put me in the same predicament as Juliet.  Ooh!  How about Hera, Hercules’ wicked stepmother and the queen of the gods?  Crap…she’s also the Goddess of Marriage.  I DON’T think so.

Nemesis, Goddess of Vengeance.  Ooh, that one has some promise.  Nix, Goddess of the Night.  That would be interesting.  Although with a WHITE gown, it wouldn’t seem too night-like.  Persephone, Goddess of the Underworld.  Ok.  Same issue with the white gown, but…there may be something to that one.  Luna, Goddess of the Moon.  I’ve alwyas loved the moon.  Although it won’t be a full moon on Hallowe’en, the moon does reflect light from the sun, and appears white in the sky.  Hmm….



    1. THAT’S a great idea! But that thing said muse of music. I can’t sing. Although, I do love music. Meh….maybe it’s pretty ok. I just don’t know how to pronounce “Euterpe.” 🙂

  1. Um. Yeah, I can see that being a problem. How about just, ” I’m a Muse”. Then, after a few drinks, you can add the ING to the end of it. 😉

  2. HAHA! Yeah, I was going to. Turns out, I didn’t need to schlep through that whole thing. The first guy I talked to about the costume suggested Helen of Troy. I said, “Good enough!” and that was it for the rest of the night!

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