Virginia Wineries

I have been making the rounds to different wineries in the Northern Virginia area and have found a few favorites among the ones I’ve visited.  I recently relocated and now have an opportunity to visit wineries in a different area of Virginia.  My inventory of good wine was also diminishing and in need of a new infusion.  So I looked up some wineries nearby (relatively speaking) and set my GPS to navigate me to a new vineyard, Lost Creek Winery & Vineyards.

About an hour later, my GPS pointed me to the last road on my itinerary, and imagine my surprise when I stopped seeing road names on the display-instead, Geeves (My nickname for the GPS) simply displayed, “Driving on road.”  Go figure.  Then Geeves told me I had arrived at Lost Creek.  funny, the winery at the end of the road was not Lost Creek.  It was Hidden Brook Winery.  Well, since I’d driven this far, I thought it couldn’t hurt to hit this winery as well.  I parked the car and headed up to the front door.

I entered the winery and found my way to the tasting bar, taking in the various tables set up to sell trinkets and wine accessories.  While waiting for the wine pourers to notice my presence, I read the wine list and began making mental notes as to which would likely be on my short list of wines to purchase.  I finished perusing the wine list and had still not been acknowledged by the wine staff.  Making sure they knew I was there, I made eye contact with the female wine-pouring person on the other side of the counter.  Still nothing.  Not even a, “I’ll be right with you” or anything.  I gave it another beat, turned on my heel, and departed the premises.

A bit frustrated at the fact I’d devoted this much time and energy to find a new winery only to meet with this kind of treatment, I made a few adjustments to Geeves to find Lost Creek again.  No go; it still told me I’d arrived at Lost Creek.  My deduction, then, was that I must be close.  So I left the parking lot of the extremely poor service Hidden Brook (with the mental note to cross Hidden Brook off my list of wineries to visit) and turned up the next driveway I saw.  The gravel road, replete with potholes sprinkled generously throughout, made me appreciate the 4×4 I was driving.  My stubborn streak kept me going down that gravel road.  Imagine my excitement when I spotted a building around the bend and a sign that read, “Lost Creek Winery & Vineyards!”  YAY!!

I walked in the door of THIS winery and found the tasting bar.  I was IMMEDIATELY greeted by the – busy – wine pouring person behind the bar who was in the middle of a tasting with a group who was already there.  SHE had the presence of mind to ask if I was there for a wine tasting, to which I responded with an enthusiastic, “I would LOVE to get in on one!”

Needless to say, I had a much better experience at Lost Creek.  I was excited to find several wines with which to replenish my wine rack at home, and even met a couple from my home state.

  • New winery: found.
  • New wine varieties to add to my repertoire: discovered.
  • Snobby establishment that will not get my business: reported.

I’d say this was a productive day!  If you are in the Northern Virginia region, or find yourself here one day, check out this lovely establishment.



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