Thanksgiving Thoughts

As soon as Hallowe’en was over this year, I began to dread the next major holiday of the year-Thanksgiving.  Everything I see on TV commercials and and grocery store signs portray nothing but images of huge family gatherings coming together over a truly massive meal prepared to feed an army.  Depression set in the first time I realized I won’t have a big gathering this Thursday and, worse, nobody to celebrate the holiday with.  I tried to put up a brave front when I talked to my step-daughter about her plans for Thanksgiving.  I told her I would be fine if she spent the day with her friend’s family because I could go find a group to celebrate with at a local restaurant.  I think she saw through the act, though.  A week later when I commented she could come by my place after she was finished doing things with her friend, she enthusiastically told me she could spend Thanksgiving with me.  I had no idea I would be so thrilled to hear her say that!  This would be the second Thanksgiving I will be spending without enough people in the house to cook a bird and all the trimmings.  Ok, so maybe there never WERE enough people in the house to justify all that cooking, but we did it anyway.  Now, with her, I can have some feeling of family and will be able to do the dinner on a much smaller scale than I’m used to.

S0 I will have the electrifying company of my step-daughter for the holiday!  I’m thrilled to have her company on Thanksgiving, but she doesn’t like sweets, so my Thanksgiving specialty (meaning anything that could be loosely qualified as a dessert) won’t be eaten much.  And this tiny apartment doesn’t have room for a table and chairs, so I don’t have anywhere to even PUT a bird, if i wanted to cook one.  The logical plan, then, is to go out for dinner.  What could be better?  Let someone else do the cooking, only buy what you think you can eat, don’t completely stuff yourself to the gills, let someone else cook all day and clean up afterwards…and spend all that valuable time doing what really counts-catching up with the person you love.  Now THAT is what Thanksgiving is all about!

So now it’s time to do some research and find out what places will be open on Thanksgiving.  Maybe a movie would be a good after-dinner venture?  Maybe a Nintendo Wii marathon here in the apartment?  Ah, the possibilities….it’s amazing what a single person can do to completely change one’s outlook!



  1. Happy that Megan will be with you – and yet I know the ‘holiday dreads’ – i have them as well – someties you can be alone – even in a crowd. . .

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