Wow!  What a difference a few hours can make!  After a great Thanksgiving yesterday, I purposely stayed up very late so I would not even be tempted to get up early and participate in all that crazy Christmas door-busters crud.  Although a few stores started their Black Friday madhouses at midnight, so technically I could have joined the carnival before I went to sleep last night.  If I had been so inclined.  Which I wasn’t.  Instead, I stayed up working on fixing the Christmas cards I bought which mysteriously arrived without the message, “Merry Christmas,” which is what I ordered.  So I let the crafty side of me out for a bit and ended up with multicolored ink all over me for my troubles.  Ah, well, you can’t create greatness without getting a wee bit messy.

So Black Friday morning rolls around.  At an ungodly hour, I smacked the blaring alarm which was still set for my wake time on a workday and I regrettably forgot to disable.  “No big deal, I can doze for a bit.”  Four hours later, I decided I’d dozed enough.  I spent a leisurely morning taking a hot bath with hot coffee by my side and rocking tunes on the MP3 player outside the bathroom door.  Fed the cats,  ate breakfast, watched a recorded episode of Stargate, and then felt sufficiently ready to do something.  Almost all my Christmas shopping was already done, so I didn’t have anything in particular to go out for, but I figured it was time to get into the Christmas spirit anyway.  So I grabbed a jacket and my keys and set out to do battle with the remaining Black Friday rush.

I decided to stay nearby but not as nearby as the stir-crazy mall.  So my Jeep found its way to the shopping center that has a Petsmart, a World Market, and an Ulta–three of my favorite stores!  Ok, so I had to park an honest-to-god football field away from the first store I tried, but the sun was out and the temperature was nearing 70 degrees!  I haven’t had a Black Friday that warm since I lived in Las Vagas!  So I didn’t mind the hike into the store.  I looked at it as part of my exercise for the day and hit the trail.  Once inside, I was greeted by no less than three salespeople who for once were helpful and guided me where I wanted to go.  NOT used to that, especially in this area.  I found more than I needed and a very surprisingly small line to check out.  SCORE!

That helped my “Christmas spirit” a lot and I decided to head to the Christmas craft/decor store a few football fields down the way.  I found some great deals on decorations I needed to replace (I pitched a whole lot of my old ones when I moved last summer) and the cashier gave me a half-off coupon that saved me a boatload on the new wreath I found.  Now this was turning into a good day.

Shopping done, I decided to head into my old stomping grounds to get my mail and fill up on gas.  i called the nail place to make an appointment, but the phone wasn’t answered, so I thought they were closed.  I called my hairstylist instead, since I was due for a trim, anyway.  Coincidentally enough, she just had a cancellation a minute before I called.  Great!  When I pulled into the parking lot, I saw the nail place was in fact open.  So I stopped in there and was able to make an appointment for just after my hair.  So the hair appointment took a bit longer than expected, so when I came flying into the nail place, my manicurist was just finishing her previous customer.  I didn’t have to wait two seconds, which is NOT normal!

I was in such a great mood by the time I got home, I crawled under my bed and dug out my Christmas tree and decorations that I have stored there.  I had been undecided whether to go to all the effort of setting it up if there was  going to be nobody besides me to enjoy it, and thereby save the after-Christmas labor of putting it away again.  The great day I had made my mind up for me!  Now if I can just figure out where I put my garland…



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