Thanksgiving Tradition? Bah!

First, let me say I had a good Thanksgiving.  I got a bit worried initially when all the planning I’d done appeared to hit a brick wall, and I made the mistake of stopping at the grocery store on the way home from work Wednesday for some milk and saw the mad scramble for every kind of convenience food under the sun.  The store was almost as busy as it is when the weather news predicts an imminent natural disaster and everyone clears out the Doritos aisle.  (Thankfully, since milk is a simple, healthy, non-deep fried, non-vacuum sealed, artery non-clogging, shelf non-stable staple, there was still plenty of it left for me!)  Everyone in the store was running around like rats in a cage trying to get the last little bits to make their huge family feast perfect and as Martha Stuart-y as possible.  That reminded me anew that I would have no big fancy family feast with leftovers to last me until the next millennium.  But my step-daughter was coming over for the holiday, so I didn’t care.  I grabbed my milk and made my way back to the car in a fine mood.

Then I got the news that my guest for the day was not going to be coming over as early as I’d thought.  Ok.  I can deal with that.  Then I heard a stupid “Thanksgiving” promo about the traditional Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, heard all the hype about holiday festivities and Black Friday madhouses and all the other crud that goes along with Thanksgiving advertising.  Then I felt like the whole wall of stone I’d built to keep the holiday heartache from coming in just crumble.  It felt like a small pebble came loose with every little annoying “holiday cheer-y” thing that hit me, and while I was trying to put the pebble back, another cheery thing knocked bigger pebble out of the other side of my wall and then another happy sappy thing knocked a boulder out of the middle, and before I knew it the whole dang thing came crumbling down.  Then I got a phone call from someone who know the exact thing to say to make me feel like myself again.  I changed the reservations for the restaurant I wanted to take Megan to and went to sleep happy.

So we dressed up for Thanksgiving, found the right parking garage, and even found the restaurant right away.  (NOT an easy proposition in this crazy place, let me tell you.)   The whole plan was to order the traditional Thanksgiving meal and leave satisfied that we did our duty for the day.  Then the wine list showed up.  And the full menu.  I looked at Megan and Megan looked at me; we looked at the other offerings on the menu and then I finally said, “Oh, hell with it, just keep it under $xx and order whatever you want.”  Neither one of us ordered turkey.  We did salvage the day by finishing the meal with apple pie.  So…we did our traditional duty.  Right?  Right.  OH, the traditional duty was getting together with family and sharing good times.  THAT we did.  And that make the day a very good day.

Happy Thanksgiving to all…and to all a good night!



  1. Here’s more sap: Your ‘Thnksgiving’ went bettert han mine – mine lived down to it’s expectations – I wasn’t able to spend the day with either of my own children because of distance – in case of daughter: 300 milres – in case of son – distance from daughter in law (her imposition). But: Knowing that you had the chance to be with Megan (false starts and emotional crunches aside); knowing that while you still had to deal with the onslaught of ‘holiday madness’ that we are forced to smother under – you wouldn’t be -alone- – and that thought eased me through my own challenges.

  2. Aw, I’m sorry your Thanksgiving fizzled out before it had a chance to get going! And thanks for the great thoughts for Megan and me. Maybe next year, you can schedule that cruise for DURING Thanksgiving and at least have some good memories to go with it! How was the trivet?

    1. You’re welcome. “Trivet’ passed on attending the event. Said his sister (dead) was coming over and bringing turkey. Then said his brother and uncle were coming over to join them; ahh; no… (dead x 2) — then said he had ‘work to do” – he lives in a studio senior apartment and has a P/T caretaker to look after him when Ms. Park isn’t available. What he ‘does’ is move things around such as putting his electric razor in the refirgerator and his wallet in the microwave with no memory of doing it; but I guess if that’s your ‘job’… I think he simply did not want to go – 96 & smarter than I am.

      Actually I’m looking at a later hawaiian cruise in ’12, altho I like the late September WX a bit better – not only on the islands but for the crossing as well. we shall see. Just read your Black Friday blog & am happy that you had a nice day and pleasent experience.

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