Thanksgiving is over.  I thought the holiday would be tough on me, but was able to shanghai the one person who is always able to bring me joy.  We  spent the money for a great meal, no prep work, and no cleanup to deal with.  That made it a great holiday.  The after-Thanksgiving madness I intentionally avoided; however, I was able to bring myself to go out and participate, later in the day, in a bit of the Christmas spirit while avoiding the craziness.  Mother Nature even cooperated and gave us a Christmas shopping day to rival California!  All in all, it was a great weekend.

Now for the next part: getting all the holiday cards mailed, the gifts sent, and arrangements made.  Arrangements for what?  That’s a good question.  My favorite person to spend holidays with (You know who you are!) will be with her own family on Christmas.  I have a trip to see my family in early December and a trip to see my brother graduate boot camp in early January, so my trip budget for the month is already spent.  I will be forced to deal with my first Christmas completely solo.

Wait!  I have my cats.  I wonder if I can dress them up in snowsuits and sneak them into the movie theatre with me?  They’re big enough to pass for small children…if I could just find out how to disguise their whiskers.  Maybe I can set place settings on the table with mini-plates and mini-cups full of milk and have a Christmas dinner at home?  I wonder what they’d look like with little red bows on their heads?

After they got done shredding me for even trying to do such a thing, I’d be left with bow-fetti and a couple of ticked-off cats.  Nah, think I’ll leave that one alone.

So, what to do?  I believe the local community center has ice-skating through January.  Will they be open Christmas Day?  I don’t know.  Something to look into.  I’m pretty sure movie theatres will still be open on Christmas.  If there are any good movies playing then, that will be a definite possibility.  Something else to look into.  AND Christmas is on the weekend this year, so I’ll be able to make phone calls to all my friends and family members without using peak minutes on my cell phone!  YAY!!

Sometimes it takes major motivation to come up with a positive spin on things.



  1. Hi Cherly, have been wanting to make a few comments, here as of lately. But unable too. Pissed me off!! This time, it only asked my name, and my Email-Address..Before it wanted by Password, and Email-Address.. It kept saying there was an error.. So, I gave up trying.. I’ll go ahead and send this, and see if it works.. If it does, I have so much more to say.. Diane White..

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