I’ll Still Follow You Home

I heard a song by Nickelback called, “Follow you home.”  At first, the catchphrase “I’ll still follow you home,” made me think it was a heartwarming message or sorts.  Then I listened to other lyrics which detailed several possible acts of violence against the speaker.  Then I got the message, basically, “you can do all this really bad stuff to me but I’ll still follow you home.”  Either one seriously screwed up psycho or one really brainwashed beau.  I spent some time looking for a video which may explain the intended meaning of the song, but could find none besides a studio performance-not much help deciphering its meaning.  So I fell back on my own interpretation of the words.  Which got me to thinking-and let the paranormal fan in me break through to the forefront of my mind.  I started thinking of different scenarios and, more importantly, reasons behind such a homeward following.  Here are a few thoughts that ran through my mind:

“You can dig me up a grave and try and stick me in the ground.  You can tie me to the bed and try to beat me half to death but you will never keep me down.”

Thought: This is not something a paramour would do to their significant other, and the tying up and beating part is extremely dark, at first making me think about some particularly harrowing Law and Order episodes I’ve seen.  The “you will never keep me down” part of this line is hopeful, as if someone literally in this situation will be able to extricate themselves from it, but it still portrays the determination common to the human race: to do whatever is possible to survive.  At this point, I considered the song to be metaphorical rather than literal.  A metaphorical situation I’m sure many of us have confronted more than once in our lives.

“You can slap me in the face and you can scream profanities-leave me here to die alone, but I’ll still follow you home.”

Thought: Either this is a serious S&M pair who thoroughly enjoy such activity, or the symbolic meaning is something akin to, “I don’t care what you do, I’ll still be there,” albeit taken to one hell of an extreme.  The paranormal fan in me has ideas that the actions mentioned are literal and the victim does die, although his soul lives on just to follow the murderer home….I’ll admit, this is a much more intriguing interpretation and one which is illustrated a bit more by the next line.

“You can make a couple calls, tell your brothers I’m in town.  Put a bounty on my head, tell my parents that I’m dead, and hope to hell I’m never found.”

Thought: Maybe the woman is married to a sociopath?  Maybe her brothers know it and vowed to dispose of the guy if they ever saw him again.  Maybe the woman is a sociopath who makes a game of disposing her beaus, a black widow of sorts?  Either way, this particular line takes “self-deprecation” to the limit.  And all these violent scenarios really made me scratch my head with this line:

“You’re my Mississippi princess, you’re my California queen, like the Duchess of Detroit and every city in between.”

Thought:  “What the….??”



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