Cat’s Eye View: Recent Happenings

Ok, I kicked Mom off the computer for awhile.  She’s become obsessed with writing about that Nickelback song, “I’ll Still Follow You Home.”  Ok, I can give her props for trying to figure out how to write fiction, but sometimes a cat needs a rest.  Or a turn on the computer!  I haven’t been on here since 9/11 last year!  (Ok, so I haven’t had much to say since then, but still…)

Anyway, Mom’s been acting funny for awhile…not sure when exactly it started.  I can tell you how shocked I was when she called for a TAXI to come get her on New Year’s Eve!  What the heck?  Mom doesn’t do that kind of thing.  That costs money!  Money she should be spending on my catnip!  (Or my toys…food, take your pick.)  She was in a pretty good mood when she came home, though.  I don’t know what happened in between, but she was gone for hours!

Not too long after that, she ditched some unneeded baggage from Texas she’d been dealing with.  (Is that the right term?  Maybe…putting up with?  Not sure exactly what the term is, but it was making her upset for a long time.  She said something about “good riddance,” but I’m not exactly sure what that means, either.  Hey, I’m a cat…cut me some slack!)  For some reason, after she did that, she was in an even BETTER mood.  Don’t ask me why!  I don’t remember anything in particular happening around that time.  She DID get a visit from her favorite person in the world, Megan.  (I like Megan.  She pets me.  Sometimes she tries to hold me down when I want to leave, but you gotta love her enthusiasm!)  That may have put her in such a good mood.

The REALLY weird thing happened after she came back from her brother’s Air Force graduation.  (She was gone for DAYS that time!  I knew something was up when she left the light on when she left.  She doesn’t do that normally.  That costs money, too.  Good thing she gave us lots of treats and catnip on the way out, or she’d have been tackled–cat style!)  She started acting weird!  She got this new gizmo for the video game system and moved the table out of the spot in the living room (where it belongs) and started…running and jumping around and doing these weird things that made her breathe hard.  Spanish music was involved. Weird!  (Don’t ask me how I know Spanish.  I’m a cat.  I know things.)  Now she’s obsessed with doing those weird things that make her breathe hard.  And for some reason, it makes her happy!  Not sure why, but as long as she keeps giving me toys, catnip, and treats, I don’t care.  And she’d better get Megan back here.  I haven’t seen her in awhile and I’m missing our wrestling matches!

Machiavelli, The Cat

(Commentary added by Deimos..The Other Cat)


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  1. Hi Cheryl, I’m having a hard time here on WordPress.. It’s saying my Email-Address is invalid.. So I’m not even sure you’ll receive this.. So I’ll make it short, but I do have so much to say.. Email me at, and I’ll explain what’s going on.. I so loved the Cat’s Eye, story.. Made me laugh so hard, and even cried some.. If you get this, Email me OK?? Miss you on ” Question-Party ” I haven’t been playing, because I can’t access the game, and don’t know how to fix that. Please tell everybody, I miss them so much, especially ” Candi ” I’m still working on how to fix, the problem.. Diane… Take care of yourself, Cheryl…

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