Broadcasting Faux Pas


If you can’t annoy somebody, there is little point in writing. – Kingsley Amis

Now THAT puts everything in perspective!  I am fairly certain a few of my written works have caused angst amongst a select few.  When those select few people go crazy because of something I’ve written, I laugh inside because these poor souls are completely unaware that I could have written something much worse than what was published.  Or read.  Or released.  As a matter of fact, for whatever reason, editors, publishers, clients, or a host of other cogs in the writing machine have requested certain thoughts, facts, or assertions be curtailed prior to press time.  The one time I read the writing live on the radio proved what can happen when I go uncensored.

I interned at a local radio station my senior year of college.  My dream had been to become a journalist, so I was thrilled with the assignment.  When the internship ended, I stayed on, at a mere minimum wage, to obtain the valuable experience I would need to break into the very tight journalistic racquet in town.  I researched daily news, attended municipal meetings, reported my findings, and summarized the most important news of the day to be read in a two-minute broadcast.  One of these stories included a fairly prominent politician’s recent activities.  Although the activity was not embarrassing in any way, apparently the way I read the story was embarrassing as hell to the politician.

I worked in a small town in Ohio and the story I read regarded Ohio’s John Boehner.  Since I had only read his name and had never heard the name spoken aloud, I pronounced it over the air like it was spelled.  Imagine my shock when the producer came banging on the studio window screaming (I think, since the studio is soundproof) with a posterboard sign on which was written, “It’s pronounced BAY-NOR and not BONER!!”  Who knew?



  1. Hi Cheryl, read your post last night.. I so needed a good laugh, and I sure got one.. It sounded like something, you might see in a Movie, just way to funny !! You Humor, is so Fresh, when you write, I hope that never changes, for you, I would so miss that.. Diane

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