Valentine’s Day

So who decided to come up with Valentine’s Day, anyway?  Like we need another day to “celebrate” all that…sappy crap that is shoved down our throats by jewelry stores, Hallmark commercials, and romantic comedies?  As anyone who knows me can attest, I hate sap and have a very hard time swallowing anything even remotely related to…well, sap.

I decided to do some research and find out where Valentine’s Day came from in the first place.  One web resource related this:

Saint Valentine, according to romantic legend, was a kind-hearted Roman priest who married young couples against the wishes of Emperor Claudius II, and was beheaded for his deeds on the 14th of February. In truth, the exact origins and identity of St. Valentine are unclear. According to the Catholic Encyclopedia, “At least three different Saint Valentines, all of them martyrs, are mentioned in the early martyrologies under the date of 14 February.” Two of these men lived in the third century A.D., one being the bishop of Interamna (now Terni, Italy) and the other a priest of Rome. (Some speculate that these two figures were actually the same man.) Both seem to have been persecuted for their beliefs; the Roman priest reportedly was beaten and then beheaded on the orders of Emperor Claudius II, on or about the year 270. Legends vary on how the martyr’s name became connected with romance: the date of his death may have become mingled with the feast of Lupercalia, a pagan festival of love, or with the ancient belief that birds first mate in the middle of February. In modern times Valentine’s Day is a day of special romantic sentiment and gift-giving among lovers.

Meh…generic, vanilla, semi-sappy.  Let’s do some more research:

Valentine’s Day Massacre Site

On February 14, 1929, seven gangsters were shot and killed at a garage in Chicago’s Lincoln Park neighborhood in what became known as the “Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre.” While it was never proven, it’s commonly believed that the men were murdered by members of Al Capone’s gang, or hit men hired by Capone. The killers tricked the gangsters into letting them in by dressing as police officers. The main intended target, “Bugs” Moran, escaped injury when the “go ahead” signal was mistakenly given early and Moran had not arrived at the garage yet.

Ooh, now THAT is more up my native Chicagoan, anti-sappiness alley!



  1. I enjoyed reading this, but, have to admit……that I have a sappy side too and would vote to keep Valentines Day intact.

    1. HAHA! Yeah, most people do. I just like the idea of sappiness being experienced by whoever’s lucky enough to find sappiness every day, rather than having a special day set up to celebrate it.

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