Valentine’s Day Take Two

Oh, alright…I got so many people upset with me for posting such an anti-lovey dovey Valentine’s Day post, I figured it only fair to post something a bit more positive.  This is going to be hard…really hard…so bear with me.

What about Valentine’s Day is good?  Um…let’s see, if you have someone special in your life, you may be lucky to get flowers! 

What else about the holiday is good?  Chocolates?  Not so much…not very waistline friendly.  They taste great, sure, but one definitely has to limit intake in order to maintain the figure that most likely got one those chocolates in the first place!

Lovey dovey messages on TV, in stores, at every public place for the month prior to February 14th?  Um…I still think those are annoying as hell, but I will stop short of advocating the Chicago version of St. Valentine’s Day from 1929….I admit, that was a bit harsh.  Morose, even.  I’m better than that.  (Cut me some slack!  At least I can wallow in cynicism for awhile!)

Valentine’s Day falls smack in the middle of winter, so the positive in that is this: if you DO have a special someone, the holiday may give you a bit extra motivation to get close to that person and create some body heat.  Ahem.  If you don’t have a special someone, there’s always the option of going out to find a Ms. or Mr. Right….Now.  And creating body heat that way!

Oh, and who am I kidding?  I LOVE Romeo and Juliet!  Methinks there may be some hope for me yet!


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