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I’ve been packing preparing to move and came across a book of poetry I wrote many moons ago and had some good memories reading through them again.  Although I have an almost allergic reaction to sap, this particular one brought back some good memories:

“Stolen Moments”

As we share a few stolen moments
When the world is dark and new,
And the waves on the beach are crashing,
All I can think of is you

As we walk a few stolen footsteps
Beneath a star-studded sky
Shrouded into the darkness,
There is only you and I.

As we speak a few stolen whispers,
And the breeze blows softly by,
We fill the fountain of our love
That through the day runs dry

As we kiss a few stolen kisses
Around us darkness falls
And we both know, without a doubt
Love can conquer all

Ok, now someone slap me upside the head and break me out of the sappiness!



  1. I knew that you had a bit of sappiness in you. It’s a good thing. Strong enough to rule the world, but soft enough care.

  2. Hi Cheryl, Love the Poem you wrote.. So are you really moving? And where will you be moving to?? I so hope, it’s a move you want to make, and that it’s not a move, that you have to do, because of like, a relocation for a dumb job, you know what I’m talking about !!! Diane.. Take care. Your Mom, sounds like she has a good sense of Humor, just like her Daughter..

    1. That’s sweet of you, Diane! I’ll let her know you said that!

      As for the move, it’s voluntary. It will be a slightly bigger place closer to where I want to be, so all is well. I don’t like moving for a job!

      1. Hi Cheryl, glad to hear this is a move you want to make.. Your Blog is beginning to feel a little like QP!! How funny is that?? Well, that’s how we met. So glad you started your Blog, before QP went South, or I would have lost contact with you.. There were a few People on that game, that I became close to.. They gave me their Email-Addresse’s, but I didn’t save them.. Now, I’m sorry that I didn’t. Always, had the game, at my finger tips, to chat with them.. Diane..

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