If only I could command this kind of respect…

In ancient Ireland,  the poet enjoyed high status.  People aspired for the poet’s praise, and it was believed that a curse from a poet was a terrible fate.  The book, “Celtic Myths and Legends” by Peter Ellis, details entries in Irish Annals, one of which is from Ulster in the year AD 1024 which details the murder of  Cuan Ua Lothchain, the chief poet of Ireland.  Lothchain was murdered in Theba and uttered the poet’s curse in his dying breath.  The bodies of his murderers rotted within hours.  Granted, I would rather not have to die to prove my power, but…

Other poet’s curses in Ireland are recorded in Irish Annals, to include the Annals of Connacht which references the English viceroy John Stanley who died from a poet’s curse in 1414.   The poet’s curse was so feared that High Kings…

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  1. Hi Cheryl, I was thinking Yesterday,” She hasn’t been writing much lately ” ESP>> Turned my computer on today, and I see your Post.. So good to know your OK !! I found myself, writing from my Heart last night.. And, you know who I’m talking about.. Mr. Schmuck !! He reads everthing, I send him, but no answers, he will give me.. As the days pass, I so tell myself, ” Let him go, and don’t write to him anymore ” But, really, how does one do that, when their Heart & Soul, feels different.. Such a battle it is.. If I couldn’t write to him, once in a while, I would surly die inside..So I Love what you’ve posted.. So true this is.. Diane

    1. It makes me very happy when something I write strikes such a chord with someone. Thanks so much for your encouraging words! And no matter what, you keep writing to Mr. Schmuck. Writing helps you work through so many things! Maybe the writing will take on a more cathartic tone.

  2. Hi Cheryl, wasn’t sure I should mention Mr. Schmuck, on your Blog.. Glad you got my comment.. The last time you responded to one of my Comments, I was sent a Email, to let me know.. I didn’t receive a Email, on this comment you wrote.. I went back to reread, what I had sent you, and saw your comment to me.. It made me happy, to know that you read my comment… Now only if, Mr. Schmuck, could respond to my Emails, and make me Happy !! When Hell, freezes over, maybe ?? It’s just not fair, somehow… How long, should a person, have a one way conversation for?? I know he has his own reasons, for not responding to me. I just wish he would share that reason, with me.. Why can’t he do just that?? Nothing hurts worse, than just that, ” Nothing ” The truth, would be so refreshing.. And, then maybe I could really just move on !!

    1. Not knowing the circumstances, my first thought would be that he simply doesn’t WANT to respond. He may not even be reading your stuff. That’s happened to me once or twice before. Sooner or later, I get sick of beating my head against a brick wall and move on. Again, I don’t know the circumstances, so I could be way off base.

      1. Hi Cheryl, just sent you a long Email.. I’ve been enjoying your poems..You should post more of them.. There pretty good !! Diane…

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