New Therapy

My cat, Deimos, was the ultimate therapy for me, getting me through all the emotional trauma I’ve experienced over the last 11 1/2 years-and there has been a lot.  He and his brother, Machiavelli, have been with me since before the 9/11 attacks that changed my life, and the lives of most Americans, forever.  The cats were with me through my cross-country moves to new homes, new cities, new people.  They got me through many a relationship, mostly the ENDS of such relationships.

They never asked for anything, but have always been spoiled rotten.  They have been lavished with gourmet cat foods, catnip treats, the most unusual toys I could find for them.  They stayed by me, purring comfortingly and letting me know they’re with me.  Cats are the best.

Deimos got me through the most recent, devastating loss, about 1 1/2 years ago.  He saw that I was again emotionally happy and would be ok.  He left me suddenly Sunday afternoon.  I can’t say much for my current emotional state, although I have come to terms with his passing a bit.  I made Machiavelli promise me not to leave me for a long time.  I’m pretty sure he promised, although I’m not as fluent in Cat as I’d like to be.

Rest in peace, Deimos.  You are loved and will never be forgotten.




  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Deimos. I have a couple of cats and they are regular members of my family. I treat them as I would a child of my own. I truly sympathise. I’m sure there’s a place in kitty heaven for him……and perhaps someday (not too soon I hope) you’ll be reunited.

      1. I’m so sorry baby girl!!!
        I don’t know what your current belief’s are, but I believe that our past pets are waiting for us in heaven,
        Why not???
        My heaven won’t be without my pets.

  2. I am truly sorry for your loss. I currently have a black cat who is the best therapy a girl could have. Please accept my condolences and I truly empathize with your loss, having lost some best friends over the years myself. Peace be with you.

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