One of my poems I’m quite proud of:


This world, filled with unknowns, heartaches, and hope
Has me pushing the edge of the envelope

All the strains of this rigorous life
All the trials, each taking it’s price
Expectations, endeavors, and unfulfilled dreams
Rage in my heart like unbridled streams

But the tiger in me refuses to die
The eagle in me continues to fly
My zest for life hungers for more
Adventures and uncharted lands to explore

The spark that was lit when all hope seemed gone
Instilled in my heart the need to go on
To continue seeking new passions, new thrills
This thirst in my heart can never be filled



  1. Nice…..but I sincerely hope you are happier than this poem conveys…….Keep the zest in your life and may you find calm, serene moments of tender passion.

    1. Thanks, Steve. This struck a chord because this attitude is something that spans the years. You always have setbacks and trials to get through, but the zest for life is something ingrained in you…that eventually overtakes the heartache. At least in my poet’s mind!

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