Bruce Springsteen – We Take Care Of Our Own

Vodpod videos no longer available.

No matter how messed up America may seem or how badly American society is portrayed in the media, no matter what criminal statistics show, when a catastrophe occurs, Americans pull together and the fight for a common goal takes over.  Granted, not everyone shares this attribute, but enough people do that it warms my heart.  After Hurricane Katrina, after tornadoes in the Midwest, after 9/11, after events that bring people to their knees, others jump in to help and work toward the betterment of the group as a whole.  I only have to see pictures of members of the U.S. military carrying a child out of harm’s way or escorting a woman to safety, or a firefighter rushing into a burning building to save helpless occupants from the fire, to know that human nature, with all its faults, makes life worth living.
We take care of our own.  Thank you, Bruce, for this inspiring and uplifting commentary on the human condition!

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