In Plain Sight – Too Sappy?

The first season of In Plain Sight was great.  Mary Shannon, the female lead, was hilarious, cynical, pessimistic, and kicked serious butt when she needed to kick butt.  The lead male, Marshall Mann, was hilarious and a treasure trove of useless trivia.  While Marshall is still witty, full of trivia, and maintains his healthy sense of humor, Mary has turned sappy.  WAY too sappy.  First, she had a kid on the show.  Not that that fact alone is something to wring her up for, but more unforgivably, she turned soft.  And fat.  As a gun-wielding marshal in the U.S. Marshall’s Service, one would think she’d get back into shape ASAP before returning to work.  I know that wouldn’t jive with the TV show shooting schedule, and is just another suspension of disbelief, but the resulting product is noticeably inferior to what it was before the kid.

All that I could have forgiven.  IF the sappiness level didn’t just blast into orbit with the most recent episode, “The Medal of Mary.”  Mary’s father, who abandoned the family when she was but a toddler, AND who has been a lifelong felon, shows back up at Mary’s doorstep.  And of course he has a problem.  He makes a deal with law enforcement to reel in former conspirators and fellow felons and, of course, Mary’s in on the operation.  If that’s not a conflict of interest, I don’t know what is, but that’s not even the most egregious part of this episode.  She starts getting all puppy dog-eyed and misty.  Right before the deal is about to go down, she gives daddy her necklace and tells him she hopes it will protect him.

WHATEVER!!  Ok, if my felon father had abandoned me as a tiny toddler and suddenly showed up at my doorstep, regardless of the reason, I could not even find sappiness in the dictionary, let alone act it.  That just drained all the positive out of the character that started the series in great fashion.  I have to say that I’m glad this is the last season and there are only a couple episodes left.  I can’t deal with sappiness.  If I wasn’t so stubborn, I probably wouldn’t even watch the last couple episodes.  But because I am stubborn, I am curious to see how the whole thing ends.  Hopefully something appropriate enough to smack the sappy right out of…the character, the show, the whole shebang.  This blooper reel is at least something to laugh about:




  1. I love this show and although I wasn’t there since day 1 . I have noticed that she is the Queen of Saps 😦

    1. Yes, she is seriously sappy, much more so than in the beginning. You should go to the USA Network page and watch some of the first season. I believe they’re available for anyone to watch. Glad someone agrees with the sappiness factor! Thanks for the comment!

      1. You know, that’s possible. Might be worth investigating, but there’re only a couple shows left for the whole series. Ah, well, maybe they’ll have another good show on afterwards!

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