Nickelback Concert – Verizon Center, Washington D.C.

Anyone who’s followed my blog for more than two days knows I have a love-love relationship with the Canadian band Nickelback.  While many people wonder what I see in the and that’s apparently not as popular as it was years ago (although 10,000 screaming fans at the concert last night seem to disagree), I must admit that, not only do I love the band, I love their attitude.  After finally seeing them live, I must say they also put on one hell of a show.  It’s been a long time since I’ve seen a rock concert with so many pyrotechnics, special effects, and power.  The band even performed a few songs on the “stage” in the center of the stadium that was suspended in the air.  The band opened with “This Means War,” which grabbed the audience from the first note; the base, solid wall of pounding sound and fireballs the stage spit into the air on a regular basis commanded attention.  This song was one I did not expect in the concert, but the emotion and energy the band put into the song nailed the message of the song:

I can’t, however, seem to find a version of the live performance video of this song that’s not censored!  I must endeavor to find one.  In the meantime, this video comes close.

I’m disappointed that this was the first Nickelback concert I’ve seen.  I spent a few years not doing much for me, and I let too much enjoyment pass me by – including concerts.  I can’t wait for their next tour so I can become a “repeat offender” myself!


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