Bite Me

Dear Mr. Sure-of-myself, full-of-myself,
Mr. My-shit-doesn’t-stink,
Mr. I-want-to-talk-for-my-health,
You know what you can do? 

Bite me.

I’m done feeling inferior to you
Don’t deserve to be treated like scum
By someone who has not a clue
Of what, when, or how things get done

You can shove it where the sun won’t shine
You can take a flying leap
Off a short, short pier
In short, you cán

Bite Me.



    1. The one thing about my poetry…there’s not always an actual person who’s the subject of my wrath. Many times, it’s a situation or frustration that I personify in order to vent. And laying into the “subject” is my way of beating the snot out of that frustration. At least in theory. 🙂

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