Ok, so it’s not a monsoon this side of the Mississippi, but “monsoon” just sounds more poignant than “hurricane.”  Or thunderstorm.  Maybe not tidal wave.  Regardless, I drove to work this morning and, expecting high temperatures for the afternoon, I left my windows open a bit.  Somewhere between an inch and two inches.  As my workday goes by, I think nothing of it.  A few hours later, everyone in my office turns in unison and stares at the window which had just turned almost black.  I didn’t think anything of it until I heard, “So I guess it’d be a good idea to go close my windows, huh?”  Suddenly, these disparate pieces of data clinked into place and my mental CPU decided to compute.  “CRAP!!”  I grabbed my keys and did the best to follow my colleague’s advice when he said “RUN!”  Well, wearing wedge shoes with four-inch heels doesn’t work well when trying to run.  In a monsoon.  I swear, the rain came down in sheets, blowing SIDEWAYS, and my umbrella inside out.  By the time I got to my car, rolled up the windows, and made it back inside, about the only thing left dry on me was my head.  And barely that.  Every inch of my clothing (which includes denim on casual Friday) was drenched.

It was a fun Friday!


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