Atheists Can Very Possibly Be Good « The Secular Philosopher

Atheists Can Very Possibly Be Good « The Secular Philosopher.

First let me say that I am not an atheist.  I’m not a believer, either…in much of anything that I can’t see, hear, feel, or taste.  That said, I believe the mere act of BEING atheist takes too much time and energy.

Secondly, there’s a common misconception that morality = religiosity.  Untrue.  One can have morals simply because one is raised right and knows right from wrong.  Right from wrong is NOT god/devil or angel v. demon or anything.  “Does my action help or hurt someone?”  Simple as that.  One does not have to be religious to know and do the right thing simply because it’s the right thing to do.

Third, I agree 100% that religion has caused more deaths, torture, and wars than any other concept in history.  How that can be spun to be good for anybody is beyond me.   The Spanish Inquisition, the Conquistadors, the Arab wars-since-time-began, the stories in the Bible, the list goes on and on.

Finally, many people find strength, comfort, and solace in religion.  Anything that helps someone deal with life, feel connected to someone or something greater than oneself, or just feel centered is a very good thing.  Everyone needs that or they quite simply go insane.  Whether one gets that strength from religion, animal companions, personal relationships, writing, acting, painting, or anything else is the question.  And nobody has the right to say what one believes in or does to find strength or comfort  is wrong simply because it differs from another.  Atheists included.

Getting off my soapbox now…



  1. Thank you for the re-post and for following! I appreciate what you have added and could not agree more. I like how you said “being atheist takes too much time and energy”. This is so true. Thanks for the post!

      1. What a reply, I couldn’t say it better !!! Diane White !!! ( 5-20-12 ) Hi Cheryl, I’ve been so wanting to write to you.. Like I’ve mentioned before, so much going on.. I so hope, your Move went well, and most of all, you’re doing OK.. Loved the Pic, of you and all those People at the Restaurant!! Milatary-Time, ” You Fucked up, huh? ” I just Love ,that you could let that be known, on your Blog… Always, be honest, like you’ve always been, and such a Joy, to read what you have to say, about Life, or what ever.. I still miss ” Question-Party ” So glad I was able to meet you there.. Diane….

      2. Thank you for your comment, Diane! Yes, this cyber-world has brought a lot of people together that would never have known each other otherwise. And, yes, I screwed up on the military time. I always get the 12-hour translations of 2000 and 2200 mixed up. HA!

  2. Cheryl, I just reread your Post!! Funny, how sometimes, you miss some words, I totally missed your last paragraph… I swear, we must have some sort of connection, in Cyber-Space.. Or ESP… I was thinking just this today. As God, is my Witness!!! Mr. Schmuck!! How could one Person, and it just wasn’t him, there was Religious-Art also involved, making it more complicated… My whole Life evolves around this Ass-Hole!! I don’t even know who I’m anymore… I just want to live long enough, to hear the truth from him.. And, if I don’t , I rather be Dead, anymore… Diane…. I so, don’t mean to depress you, but you know me a little Cheryl.. So take it from there.. Take care my Friend..

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