August 13th is officially the day to celebrate being left-handed.  I don’t know why we need to save one day out of the year to celebrate, because I have enjoyed being left-handed since I was in grade school and the teachers kept putting my pencil in the right hand.  Being the contrarian that I am, even at age 5, I always looked at them, confused why they would do such a thing, moved the pencil back to my left hand and went about my business.

But apparently enough people think they need one day designated out of the year to be proud of being left-handed.  This website proffers a few good points about being left-landed.  The point that stood out to me was that left-handers have been unfairly criticized for being clumsy.  The reason for this misconception is that left-handers have been forced to deal with instruments developed for right-handed people only.  I remember using scissors in grade school which were angled for comfort – IF the hand one used was the right one.  For a lefty, the angled handles were the wrong direction, which caused discomfort when trying to use them.  Obviously, then, I didn’t like to use the scissors.

The other good point is nothing new for left-handers: We tend to be much more creative and visual thinkers than right-handed, analytical types.  So when I found scissors difficult to use, rather than complain about it, I found another way to accomplish what needed to be done.  Usually I just tore the paper at whatever direction it was supposed to be cut.

And, of course, I have discovered I thrive in the creative arts, as many lefties do.  But not only do I enjoy things creative, I also use this creativeness to solve problems most people wouldn’t think about.   A couple examples: I recently moved, and have not unpacked my stereo or cd player.  Why?  I’ve found it much more convenient to buy and download music to my new Kindle Fire than mess with all kinds of wires and directional cords and everything else that goes with connecting the stereo.  (Right-handers would probably enjoy that!)  When the Kindle needed a volume boost, I found mini-speakers to buy that I plugged into the Kindle and cranked the volume higher than my stereo used to go.  Much simpler, more portable, and easier to work with: THAT is a creative solution.  I also discovered I love wine, but I sip it so slowly that white wine usually gets warm before I finish the glass.  Ice in wine, not only a crime to any decent wine, would water the wine down.  So I discovered the trick of buying seedless grapes at the supermarket and freeze them.  Now, when I pour a glass of white wine, I add a handful of frozen grapes in the bottom of the glass.  Not only do they keep the wine chilled for longer and not ruin the wine like ice would, when I finish the wine, I have a mostly-thawed fruit dessert to eat.  Functional in more ways than one, and tasty to boot.

I love being left-handed!




  1. Hi Cheryl, two of my Children are left handed… I don’t find either one of them, one being a Girl, and one being a Boy, very Creative in anything they do.. ” LOL ” I’m so just kidding… Still miss Stupid-QP !! I think about some of those People, at times.. We had some good times out there… That’s where I met you!! Take care.. Diane.. I read all of your articles, and enjoy them all…

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