Waking Up The Devil

After the day I had at work today, I completely identified with this song by Hinder when it came around on my CD player on the way home.  I can’t say I didn’t LOVE it before today, but I kept hitting the “Back” button every time the song came to its conclusion.  Hinder song, how do I love thee?  Let me count the ways:

Waking up the Devil – rattling the cage inside of me
Miss him a little – when he gets out, we’re one hell of a team”

I’ve been suppressing my kick-ass attitude in favor of the professional-courtesy attitude for way too long.

I didn’t come here looking for a fight,
But if you’re gonna bark, boy, you’d better have a bite
I ain’t been crazy in a really long time,
But you’re about to meet a good friend tonight.”

(Ok, so the lyrics in this video say “You’re about the need a good friend tonight,” but I don’t think that is the correct lyric.  Regardless, “meet a good friend” makes a lot more sense in context with the rest of the song.)  The good friend with whom I need to arrange a meeting with the obstacle in my path is the old kick-ass attitude I’ve been suppressing.  Methinks it’s time to revisit the devil on my shoulder and tell the angel on the other one to go straight to…well…

But try to keep me quiet, try to hold me down –
Damn, it feels like heaven every time he comes around.”

This seems to be fairly self-explanatory.  I can’t STAND when people try to hold me back.  Kind of like Hamlet in Shakespeare’s play: “Unhand me, gentlemen! By heaven, I’ll make a ghost of him that lets me!”

Ironically enough, the old-world meaning of “lets” is actually “to hinder.”  Who says Shakespeare has no bearing in present life?



    1. It’s forward – no doubt – here’s why – you’re going forward and taking that toughness with you; along with all else you’ve learned – it’ll still serve you well when you need it to. You’ve learned even more about yourself recently. . . .

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