Flash Fiction

So maybe I’ve been out of the writing vernacular world for too long, but I finally got fed up with seeing ambiguous comments about “flash fiction.”  What tipped me over the edge was a response to the question, “What do you write?” and the response was “flash fiction.”  That tells me nothing.  What KIND of fiction does the person write?  So I looked up what flash fiction actually is.  Still got a lot of ambiguity, but the best I can deduce is the term is simply  meant to identify really short stories – no particular kind of fiction, simply a word-limit.  300 – 1000 words seems to be the agreed-upon length.  I wonder what they call 300 – 1000 of ranting on a soapbox, or not-so-fiction social commentaries?  Probably just “ranting on a soapbox” and “social commentaries.”  That just doesn’t sound as cool!




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