“Come sail away, come sail away, come sail away with me…..”



  1. Hi Cheryl, Love these pics.. Hope things are going well for you.. I wanted to mention this, The last few articles I’ve read, I don’t see the like symbol, with the blue star… I always give you the thumbs up!! Anyway, I clicked onto one of those Pics, and it took me to a place, where I could view them enlarged, which was ” Cool ” And, there was a Blue-Star-Liked, so I clicked onto it… And saw that 9 other Bloggers, like it too.. So is that what you have to do, click onto a Pic?? Sometimes, I don’t have the time to write, but I’ll always have the time, for ” Thumbs-Up ” Diane… PS.. Still miss QP.. I need to write to Candi, haven’t for months..

  2. Cheryl, right after I sent my Comment, I looked at the top of this page, and to the Left, is your pic. ” Wolfewriter ” and there it was, the Star, like or unlike !! So I guess I voted twice.. Take care, Diane..

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