Change is Good…?

Even when it means my favorite person this side of the Cincinnati River leaves.  Even though I was torn up one side and down the other for days when she told me and then made a quick exodus, I had to admit she was doing nothing more than what I did at her age.  We all hit young adulthood, find ourselves relatively unattached, unconnected, and in a position to make a huge change.  That’s what my step-daughter did.  I wish you the best, Megan!

Other changes for this year that may cause some consternation (although the jury’s still out on if these are good or bad!):

Of course, arguably, the most popular change in the press is that of the Mayan prophecy that the earth as we know it will end in 2012.  Or will the earth simply be transformed?  Or have all the recent advancements humankind has made in the last few decades simply going to satisfy this “transformation” prophecy, since the world as we know it is extremely different than it was just a few decades ago?

An unwelcome change, at least in my book, was the brutal heat of this summer!  If the old wives tale is true and the intensity of summer heat predicts the harshness of the winter, I’m glad I have a 4X4!

And Facebook decided to go public on the NYSE in 2012:  Will it make a difference in the normal user’s Facebook experience?  Well, maybe even more annoying ads than are already present.  Beyond that?  Who knows?

Seems a good time to just let it all go and head to the movies.  Who doesn’t like an escape from reality for two hours?  Unless you’re like me and wind up three rows away from some moron kids yapping away on their cellphones throughout the whole movie to the point where it honestly seems like the phone is begging to be stuck somewhere….that phones should not go…..


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