I Miss You

I know you’re dealing with a lot right now
And your world seems like it’s falling down
I’m trying to help any way I can
But it feels like you’re slipping through my hands

I miss your smile, your touch, your strength
My body felt when you came my way
I miss the electricity in my skin
I felt whenever you let me in

I send along bits and pieces of news
That I hope that you can use
I see your “thank yous” in return
But those don’t quite stop the burn

My eyes feel because they can’t see you
Or my empty arms feel since they can’t be
Wrapped around you in a real embrace
I’m lost here,  alone,  in this place



  1. Hi Cheryl, I read this the other day.. Did you write this Poem ?? I’m going to Email you, because what I want to say, probably for your ears, only to hear… Anyway, this Poem, kicks ” ASS ” Really it does… It so touched my Heart.. Diane

      1. Hey Cheryl, just sent you the longest Email… Didn’t mean for it to be so long.. ” Sorry ” Does this Girl ever stop ?? I’m so sure, you’ll be thinking just that… When you have a Minute, write me back, OK ?? I still miss QP !!

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