Raven and Rose

Ravens, beyond the bleak black birds so often connected with harbingers of doom, have gotten a bad rap.  Not only are they beautiful in their intensity, in some cultures they are celebrated as embodiments of power and protection.  Some myths contend the raven morphs from a bird into a man,  or my favorite, the Celtic religion which celebrates the Raven Goddess Morrigan.
In fairly recent culture, everyone is familiar with the raven as the incessant persecutor in Edgar Allen Poe’s epic poem.   Regardless how one views the raven’s symbolism, it cannot be argued that it strikes a beautiful image, particularly when sitting atop a rose, thorns and all.

A striking image, a raven morphing with a wolf:

Beautiful body art:

Regardless of the meaning this beautiful bird has for the reader, the fact cannot be denied that ravens have held a fierce fascination for peoples and cultures throughout history.  In turn, ravens have inspired myths, legends, movies, books, superstitions, and pop culture icons. Whether their symbolism is bleak or beautiful is up to the reader.


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