Ok, so it’s barely September and I’m already seriously preparing for Halloween!  Is that too soon?  NAW!  I figure if I get my costume(s) now, I won’t have to fight the public later when the temporary Halloween stores open and masses of last-minute Halloween shoppers mob the places.  I can fine-tune the costume or change by mind or idea and have options later.  And I will be prepared if I (hopefully) find more than one Halloween party to go to.

What is it about Halloween that is so enthralling?  Is it the mystery of the unknown that may inhabit the “other side?”  Is it the history and superstitions and legends that have grown around the holiday?  Is it just the flight of fancy that I can go on to take a break from the everyday real world that takes up too much of my regular life?

Regardless, there’s a reason Halloween is the most popular holiday in the U.S.  Ok, after Christmas.  I’m not the only one who is obsessed with the spooky, dark, fanciful, scary celebration.  Ok, so maybe I am a bit extreme in that I celebrate the holiday for…well…much longer than a day.  HA!

Here are a few places I’ve found for good Halloween resources:





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