Funny New Vocab

I’ve been out of the hipster vernacular for awhile, and when I asked a friend what something meant that I’d just heard, he told me about Urban Dictionary.  Silly me, as a writer, I should have already known about such a resource, but what can I say?  I don’t know everything.

So I went to the site to look up any new interesting tidbits and a few of these tickled my funny bone, not just because they were funny, but because I could see a scenario in my life currently where these would come in handy.  HA!

Reverse Cock Block – A repulsive individual that you typically encounter at a night club that makes aggressive advances towards unwilling women. As a result, the girls start clinging to [an otherwise not-too-lucky man] , and leads to a hook up.   Um…self-explanatory.
ego waffles – Waffles made out of ego which are consumed by narcissistic people in order to sustain a delicate ego.  Known a few of these in my time.  Well, still know quite a few, but…
what happens in vegas – Usually followed by ‘stays in Vegas’ – the details events of a weekend or short amount of time a person spent out of town are suppressed. The term would usually refer to someone going by themselves or with friends for a weekend in Las Vegas, Nevada, but you could apply it to another city/town if the other person knew what you were referring to.  Yeah, having lived in Vegas for a time, I can attest to the extreme annoyance of this term.
watch this  – Something said right before a person does something amazingly stupid.
Ok, so I didn’t need the Urban Dictionary to define this one for me, but it’s still funny!

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