It’s Not Over

More than two years later, after I was sure I was in a better place, I watched an episode of NCIS where the post-heart attack medical examiner was banned from performing medical duties until he was not medically cleared.  The team found a way for him to contribute so he didn’t feel like dead weight, and he gave this look of utter joy that was so  poignant, it brought me to tears.

And then I read a cooking magazine and saw an appetizing turkey recipe.  As I was tearing our the recipe from the magazine, I had a sudden flashback.  My husband used to get a turkey from his company for Thanksgiving.  That stopped a few years ago, but it was a good memory.   He died two years ago and I thought I was better.  Until I saw that recipe, remembered, and started crying like a little girl. 

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  1. Breaks my heart to see still going through dealing with the loss. My daughter, with just six months into the similar loss under similar circumstances, has constant reminders as well, some small – some major. Time does heal, yet in its own time.

    1. Yes. Many things are much better, but there are still things that just slide in under the tag. Thanks for the goodwill and commiseration, Rich. I hope your daughter gets through as best as possible, too.

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