Hallowe’en – One Year Later

One year ago, I stepped WAY outside my comfort zone by attending a Hallowe’en party in a place I’d never been, not knowing a soul in the establishment, in a wet snowstorm, in a cheesy, generic costume I’d purchased in the spur of the moment, and nervous as all hell.  I’d only been to the Town Center once before, had gotten completely turned around more than once, and had no idea how to get to the place where the party was.  Well, when I finally found the party, the group made me feel like I was one of the gang.  I met some great people and discovered something called Meetup, which is now a large part of my social life. 

This year, I spent a lot of time putting my costume together, or costumes, I should say.  Because I’d grown so comfortable with this new social thing, I found several Hallowe’en parties to go to.  Of all the costumes I had this year, though, the traditional vampiress one was my favorite.  Not only because it’s so fun, but because I feel very comfortable in the character.  Although I refuse to try that cheesy Transylvanian accent I hear in so many stupid vampire movies.  I love the thought of putting an enchantment on my victims to get them to do my bidding, I love the idea of changing shape into a bat to fly wherever I desire, and of course, I love the thought of rapid healing and immortality, to a point.

Not only did I perfect my costume, but decided to take advantage of the Hallowe’en stores that only crop up in October.  I decided I like being a vampire, I like the accoutrements that go with it, and I can use them for more than just Hallowe’en.  Like the elbow-length satin gloves I found which I can use for other dressy occasions, or any dramatic endeavor I may choose to pursue.  Or the hooded cape I got which I can use that for the Renaissance festivals that come around occasionally.  Or if I find a nice underground cult like in Eyes Wide Shut…



  1. I enjoy reading your blog and you look very nice in your “vamp” costume. It’s good that you’re mixing with so many people and you’re to be admired for your extroverted social life. It’s not always easy to mix with strangers. You already hinted that you might turn into a bat………..but be careful……..someday you’ll be older and you wouldn’t want to be called an “old bat”………LOL.
    Happy Halloween and good luck to you.


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