Dreams – Weird, Scary, or Otherwise Ugly

They say the average person dreams around a half dozen dreams per night.  And the average person doesn’t remember any of them, or very very few of them in relation to the total dreams the average person has.  If the whole idea is that dreams are the brain’s way of sorting through one’s subconscious to try to make sense of millions of pieces of input received that the conscious brain can’t deal with, then why aren’t these dreams remembered?  If it’s normal NOT to remember the vast majority of one’s dreams, then why does the brain even project the silent movies onto the insides of one’s sleeping eyelids to begin with?

OH, say so-called experts, the IMPORTANT ones are the ones that are remembered. Riiiiight.  And how does the brain differentiate the important ones from the mundane?  Oh, wait, that’s not what it was.  It was the ones during which one WAKES UP that are remembered.  Ok.  That I can accept, since the ones that are more poignant typically cause a reaction that wakes the sleeping person up.  Sometimes in a cold sweat.  Something still does not compute.

We have all these dream gurus writing so many “dream interpretation” books that supposedly interpret one’s dreams.  As if there’s some invisible puppet-master “trying to speak to me” in a dream.  Right.  Like Stargate.  Fun to watch, but complete fiction.  I return to my original point, that if the average person remembers next to none of their dreams, the brain going through the exercise of making and presenting the dream is meaningless.  There is no “meaning” or “reason” or “message” or anything else behind a dream.  Ok, so maybe something that’s been bothering someone is replayed in a dream because the BRAIN spent a lot of time on the subject during waking hours.  Which would imply it’s the person vice some unseen force causing the dream, although the person has no way of controlling his or her subconscious brain’s way of remembering the facts.  I’m feeling very existential lately for some reason…

So that’s my rant for today.  Carry on.



  1. Hi Cheryl, liked the article.. So much for Dreams? You made some good points, though, and also put a smile on my face.. I’ve always heard, that when you Dream, it’s your subconscious, trying to work on things, problems your having, things that you haven’t figured out, the answer too, while in a conscious state… Hope things have been well for you… I read your article on Edgar Allan Poe. Wanted to make a comment, just didn’t get around to it.. I liked the Pics. and your write up… Just can’t help myself, I have to say this.. ” I’ve had a few Dreams, about ” Mr. Schmuck ” He’s always smiling at me, and I always feel so warm…. Crazy Huh?? So far, from the real ” Mr. Schmuck & Diane ” Maybe, just maybe, that’s why we Dream?? I like that !! Take care, Cheryl… Diane

  2. Maybe it’s like Inception and there are people who go inside our heads and manipulate our dreams. Which explains why they know how many dreams we have per night. But I think this is fiction, as well.

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