I want to know you – your heart, your mind
And everything that you have to hide.
I want to know what you love, what makes your soul burn
Your passions in life, the corners you’ve turned

To know what’s made you the man you are
Your worst regrets and your deepest scars
I want to know how to make your heart soar
The roads of life you’ve yet to explore

Life is for living, not just surviving
Forgotten dreams are worth reviving
Embrace the new, don’t fear the unknown
And always know you’re not alone



  1. Hey Cheryl, I haven’t really thought about you in a while.. You know how that goes?? Anyway, yesterday, I was thinking, ” She hasn’t written anything in a long time, I wonder how she’s doing?” So I turn my Computer on today, and there you were. Put a Smile on my face.. Did you write this Poem?? It made me Cry, it really did.. That Poem, so made me think of Mr. Schmuck !! LOL.. So many of the things, in the Poem, I would of so liked to have known about him.. Take care, Diane

    1. Thanks, Diane! Yes, I did write it. Was shorter than I’d intended, but I can always change it later. I’m glad you enjoyed it and it gave you a reason to smile!

  2. Cheryl, this is so going to make your day, and make you laugh. I have a 19 1/2 Yr. old son, He just came up to me and we were talking, he saw your Pic.. His remark, ” Is she on Facebook? ” Have her hook me up !! I was so laughing.. He’s 6 ft. long brown hair, and I would have to say, he’s not to hard to look at !!Anyway, I told him, I think she’s a little bit older than you.. PS.. And if I think I know you, like I think I know you, you so would have nothing in commom,with him.. He’s just my Baby-Boy !! A lot of growing up, he has to do.. Diane

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