Optimism ?


Optimism, while it does great things for heart, health, and all that, for some reason does NOT translate well in the writing category and creative process.  Well, for me, anyway.  Take music, for example.  All the happy, sappy, lovey-dovey crap sounds fun for awhile but gets old quicker than I can say “crap!”  The darker songs, the ones that really make me remember my first heartbreak, the lost love, the breakup of my life, really make me FEEL  And I can relate to that feeling, and I can take it, wrap it up in a tight little ball, and throw it at the blank piece of paper or computer screen and turn it into a coherent piece of writing.  Something I can feel proud of writing.  When I’m happy, when things are going well, and I don’t have that deep-rooted feeling of angst and pain, I can’t write.  There’s nothing to throw at the screen.  It’s not convincing.  THAT is why the vast majority of my writing is dark.  Depressing.  Sometimes even scary.  But the common thread is the negative emotions – the hate, the fear, the anguish – inspire creations much more convincing and easier for anybody to relate to than the happy bubble gummy crap that 13 year-olds belt out  trying to act grown up.

But be optimistic.  That’s good for… other stuff.



  1. That’s why I like (play and sing) what is called ‘traditional’ country music – generally defined as popular prior to the late 70’s – some ‘sap’ to be sure, but generally some pretty solid heartbreak, troubled themes – and; I too, write better when I’m sad, pissed, worried etc. – I just do.

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