Unhand me, gentlemen, By heaven!

I’ll make a ghost of him that lets me.

I need to use this one next time I’m being cornered at the bar!

No, really, at first blush, I though this quote from Hamlet was fairly straightforward.  However, as with so much from The Bard, I needed to read deeper, since all is not as it seems.  I did some looking online and found the origin of the word “lets.”  I now know what most people learned in high school when they read Hamlet instead of Julius Caesar, the play I studied.  As opposed to “allow” or “permits,” the word “lets,” in its archaic form, means “to hinder” or “obstruct.”

Huh.  Learn something new every day.

“I’ll kill whoever gets in my way.”  Hamlet’s friends are trying to prevent him from following his father’s ghost.

Methinks I really need to read this one.  I love ghost stories, and had no idea Hamlet was a Shakespearean version.

Amazon, here I come….


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