Scientific American Psychology of Satan

Scientific American Psychology of Satan

Regardless what label is used to describe it, this is perpetuating the psychology of fear that’s been used throughout the centuries to villainize anything that is perceived as a threat.  If something can usurp your authority, call it “evil” and get the religious sentiments pouring in.  If something will provide independence and autonomy to a group or individual, brand it “evil” and raise public sentiment against it.  The act itself, as SciAm says, causes people to show little or no mercy,and demand harsh punishments because they believe the “evil” is irredeemable.  Humankind has always had a need to personify things it can’t understand or explain, ergo Satan, evil, and all the hellfire and brimstone that goes with it.



  1. A very articulate piece on current ideas … a divination from your life experiences which are great but good to know your intelligent and literary.

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