Happen vs. Occur

Happen vs. Occur.

This same thought “occurred” to me when I first heard a pharmaceutical ad claiming that serious side effects “had happened.”  I thought, “What, do they think people are not bright enough to figure out “have happened” or “may happen” are just more touchy-feely ways of saying, “Side effects may occur?”  Translation: “Take our medicine, pay an astronomical price for it, and know you’re taking your life in your hands in the process.”



  1. When these drug companies buy media ads (print/TV) and either 60% of the print ad or 60% of the 60 second TV spot is -disclaimer- about the side effects, something isn’t right. . . . Period.

    Well said.Wolfegirl.

    1. Thanks, Sunny! Very good point on the ratio of ad to disclaimer. These boggle my brain the more deceptive they get. There should be more laws against advertising like this for something potentially so lethal. They got tough on cigarette warning labels. Why not other drugs?

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