Freedom From Religion?

Blogger Hacking Death

I acknowledge that this didn’t occur in the U.S., but we’ve got a serious problem when religious fanatics believe hacking people to death because they’re vocal in their aversion to religion is acceptable human behavior!  This is but the latest event to support my lifelong argument that religion has wrought way too much misery, death and destruction to justify its existence.  Not only that, but religion from the beginning of time has sought to brainwash entire populations into “behaving” how those in power want the masses to behave. What better way to insure women are subservient to men that to preach that it’s a sin for the woman to disobey her husband?  What better way is there to insure that churches and members of clergy maintain income than by preaching that it’s every individual’s duty to “donate” 10% of their wages to the church, or risk burning in hell for all eternity?  What better way to ensure women don’t question men’s actions than to keep them barefoot, pregnant and uneducated for life “because Allah says so?”

From the Spanish Inquisition to the Catholic Church in the middle ages to the atrocities of 9/11, the whole philosophy that, “You don’t think like I do, so I am morally justified in killing you!”  is something we, in civilized society, were taught in kindergarten was NOT OK.

Then again, if I had the choice, I’d rather be hacked to death than live in a world where I live in fear of voicing my opinions or of being denied the same freedoms as any other member of society, religious or not.



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